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Hello beauties!  This week I am going over how I apply false lashes; hopefully this will help you in time for the party season! 
Before attempting to apply your lashes, finish the rest of your eye makeup first, especially blending eyeshadows, as this can get very difficult and messy with lashes in the way! Curl your natural lashes and apply mascara. 
Next, measure the false eye lashes against your own, as shown in the first photo, and trim the excess length from the outer edge rather than the inner corner. This means that the falsies will still taper toward your nose like natural eyelashes! 
To apply the glue, I like to hold the false eyelashes with a pair of tweezers, and either apply the glue directly on the strip, or put the glue on the back of my hand and run the strip through. You want enough glue to thinly coat the entire strip, but not so much that you will end up with glue everywhere. It's easier to redo your falsies than it is to start your entire look over because you're covered in glue, so less is more until you get the hang of it! The second photo shows one false eyelash with the right amount of glue for me. 
Let the glue go sticky for around 30 seconds, then, still using the tweezers, place the middle of the false lash against the middle of your natural lash line. This is easiest done looking slightly downward into a mirror, and doesn't necessarily have to be spot on, so long as you're comfortable with the placement. The third photo shows a false eyelash attached only at the centre. 
Finally, using the tweezers or a cotton tip, press the edges of the falsies in place, and you're done! If you get to this point and realise the edges need a little more glue, place a tiny amount on the back of your tweezers and carefully run this along the lash strip while the centre is still attached. The lash line can be tidied up with a small amount of liquid eyeliner to hide any glue peeking out, but other than that, you're ready to go! 
Definitely allow yourself plenty of time when you know you want to use falsies, and if you're a first timer, consider practising a few times before wearing them to a big event. 
Comment any questions for me :) I hope I've covered most points. Have a good week! 
J Xx



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