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Hello beauties! 
This week I tried out elf's cream blush in Heartbreaker, which I was a little unsure about using as it's been a long time since I've used anything like this, I'm usually a powder blush girl! 
For application, I ended up using my finger tips. I did try using a sponge and a brush, but I found my fingers worked best as the slight warmth from my touch helped to blend the blush better. 
The cream itself is very pigmented, as you can see in the swatch (I didn't apply as much to my face!) and gives a lovely even colour. It blends easily, and this shade in particular works really well for my skin tone.  
I love that the blush has minimal shimmer, as I have a bad habit of resting my cheeks on my hands and always end up spreading shimmery particles everywhere with the majority of powder blushes! The staying power of the blush also impressed me, I was worried that as a cream it would slide down my face in the humid weather, or rub off and fade quickly, but even after a morning of shopping and working late into the night my cheeks retained a healthy glow. 
Overall, I loved the blush, and I have to say that it has definitely made it's way into my daily routine selection! 

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May 03, 2015

I have not received my product yet and I am very disappointed!! My tracking number is 597873838132. Please check up on it.

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