Jess reviews ... Duo Eyeshadow

Hello Ladies, 
Using an eyelid primer was a first for me, I have to admit that I usually just use my normal face primer followed by foundation and powder. I used the primer in champagne, and found it very shimmery! I am not certain whether this is a feature of the champagne primer only, but it worked well for this glamorous look, though probably wouldn't be suited for something more subtle. Regardless, my eyeshadow remained perfect until the early hours of the morning, and required no touch ups, which was fantastic!
I found that the duo eyeshadows had medium pigmentation, which for a more subtle look would have been fine, but as I was going out for the evening, I used naughty noir to define my cut crease a little more. The duo was super handy in it's own little container, the lighter colour worked well as an overall base and the darker shade blended in nicely to give a cut crease effect. When using the pigment eyeshadow, I removed the little sifter tray and actually dipped my brush right into the pigment - amazing! I'm looking forward to getting my hands on more of these. The pigment would definitely create drop down if too much product was picked up, so either use the sifter tray, or do what I did and make sure you tap the excess off before application. 
Overall, I had fun using all three products, and I will certainly be purchasing more of the loose pigment eyeshadows! Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see? 
Have a good week girls! 
J. Xxx

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