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Hello beauties,
This week I am going over my sculpting routine as requested by a few of you.
To begin with, I prime my face using the elf mineralised primer, which you all know I love!
Next, I used elf maximum coverage oil free concealer, and a concealer brush, to apply the shade porcelain to my forehead, the bridge of my nose, brow bones, my upper cheek and under eye area, cupids bow, and the top of my chin.  
The shade I chose matches my natural skin tone (very pale!), and because this was in preparation for a night out, I applied the concealer reasonably widely to give a full coverage, and skipped foundation all together.  Alternatively, you could start off with your usual foundation and then apply the concealer very lightly over the top.  
I then used the same concealer in the shade tan to give shadowing to the top area of my forehead, the sides of my nose, the hollow of my cheeks beneath my cheek bones, and very slightly under my lower lip to give the illusion of fullness.  The main photo shows the effect of applying the concealers like this – it looks a bit odd to begin with but it doesn’t stay like this long! 
Next, I used a stippling brush to gently blend in the concealers.  Make sure you use a gentle stippling motion – the aim is to blend the concealers toward each other, not to blend them evenly across your face and lose the contouring effect!  
To enhance the sculpting, I used elf clarifying pressed powder in toffee as a shimmer free bronzer.  This is a little secret of mine – I have had a hard time finding a bronzer with little to no shimmer that suits my pale skin and doesn’t look too muddy, so in its place I get powder designed for darker skinned girls, and use this sparingly to create the same effect as a bronzer!  I applied this using a small powder brush over my upper forehead, and a small angled contour brush to give more definition to the sides of my nose, my cheek bones, and my lower lip.  The bottom right photo shows the powder on my cheek before blending out.  
To enhance the lighter areas of my face, I used elf healthy glow bronzing powder in the lighter shade available – I must admit that I borrowed this from my friend (we were getting ready at her place).  The powder has a slight shimmer to it, but is nothing too excessive, and I absolutely loved it! As you can see in the top right photo (the stripe down my nose), it is VERY pigmented, far more than I anticipated, so use it sparingly to avoid looking super shiny! When applied properly, the powder gave a really nice natural glow to my face, and perfectly highlighted the lighter areas.  I will definitely be investing in this product for myself!
Finally, to set the overall look and make it last all night, I used elf high definition powder and a large kabuki brush – all of the brushes I used are from the elf range too!
I hope this helps you out with your base girls, feel free to ask about anything I may have left out! 
Have a good week!
J Xx


elf Australia
elf Australia

June 06, 2014

Hi Caragh,

Mineral Primer –
Maximum Coverage Concealer –
Clarifying Pressed Powder –
Healthy Glow –
High Definition Powder
Thanks xo

Caragh Doeven
Caragh Doeven

June 04, 2014

The product listed in this tutorial is not available in Australia, therefore this is extremely unhelpful.

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