Jess Reviews Studio Beauty-On-The-Go Single Palettes- Night on the Town

Hello gorgeous girls, 

This week I tried out the elf 'Night On The Town' beauty on the go pallet. The pallet contains 10 eyeshadows, ranging from pale neutrals to a shimmery black, as well as two pink toned lipsticks, and a blush! I decided I would really test it out by creating my entire look using only the pallet, except where I used products not included, such as foundation and mascara.
The eyeshadows have medium pigmentation, so were perfect for creating the smokey look I went with, and can be used with a damp brush to give a darker effect. I found they blended reasonably well; I did have slight trouble with the really shimmery shadows, so I would recommend using them last and patting them on using a crease brush, as opposed to trying to blend them out like I did. There are matte matches for each of the shimmery colours, so I used those to help with the blending. I did get a small amount of drop down while working, potentially due to the amount of blending I did, but to be safe, always dust beneath your eye with a generous amount of translucent powder, which will act as a barrier, and dust away easily with any drop down attached.
The blush has intense colour pay off! I only had to use my brush very lightly, and the colour is so pretty! It applied really nicely and stayed put right until I removed it. I also used my 'bronzer' from last weeks feature to add definition.
I was very unsure with what to expect from the lipsticks, as I had never used one from a pallet before. The pigmentation was like that of a regular lipstick, with a nice smooth formula that didn't dry my lips out. I am in love with the colour, it is definitely perfect for a girls night out!
To finish off my review, let me just add one thing about the pallet itself. The products come in a pallet base, and there are two options available for easy storage; a single base compact, or a compact for three of them, so you can combine the pallets together. Somehow, I missed this fact when I bought the pallets online, and ended up with only the bases! They arrived in packaging that is fine for storing them in at home, but not really appropriate for taking out to touch up during the evening.
Overall, I think the pallet is amazing value for money ($5.99 AUD plus $5.99 for the single compact), and is the perfect size to pop in your bag for touch up's if you are not silly like me and actually buy the compact!
I hope you all have a great week.
J Xx

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