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      The Beauty-verse Blog

      Beauty Tool BFFs

      Beauty Tool BFFs

      Beauty Tools


      Scrolling through our New Arrivals, you may be thinking ‘How is the Camo Concealer Sponge different to all our other sponges?’ To where the answer is easy! This sponge is specifically designed to work best with our 16 Hour Camo Concealer’s consistency. Plus, the dual ended sides assist with getting into those hard to reach areas, such as the inner corners of your eye and waterline. Furthermore, this makes it super easy to get a seamless coverage around your eyes and create sharp lines for wings or cut creases.
      If still, you’re needing extra company - grab our 16 Hour Camo Concealer in our newly released shades!

      You may also be wondering which product will give you the best result with our Flawless Finish Foundation. Without further curiosity, you’ll find out that our Total Face Sponge and Domed Stipple Brush are both heroes who will both give you varied effects! To use them together, read below on how you can achieve the most error-free foundation base.
      Step 1: When applying foundation, the quickest method is to load your Domed Stipple Brush before buffing the foundation out into your skin. To assist with getting a streak-free base, use circular-type motions with the tip of the brush’s bristles.
      Step 2: To get skin-like look to your foundation, wet your Total Face Sponge and squeeze out any excess water. Once you are happy with the dampness of your sponge, begin to press your sponge against your skin. This will not only erase any possible errors but set the foundation into your skin, resulting in longevity of wear.
      Voila! Two-stepped, easy, flawless foundation!

      Total Face Sponge

      Our last beauty-verse lesson for today includes our Blush & Glow Brush Set, who strongly teams up with our Metallic Flare Highlighter and Primer-Infused Blush. As four amazing brushes with multitude of use; the Fan Brush and Highlighter Brush are great bring soft light to your cheekbones, whereas the Flawless Face Brush and Angled Blush Brush work best with Blush and Bronzer.
      If you’re wanting to ditch the clown look and aim for a subtle effect, we suggest using less pigment by loading your Flawless Face Brush and tapping off any excess, before dabbing the apples of your cheeks. Or, if you’re wanting to load on and utilising your blush as a feature product, use our Angled Blush Brush with a tapping motion at the apples of the cheek, followed by swiping the brush upwards towards your cheekbones.

      Beauty Tools

      School’s out Beauty-verse Blog lovers, and you’ve hopefully found some new friends along the way! To keep up with our clique, make sure you Follow our Beauty-verse through our Newsletter, hit that Like Button through Facebook and Follow us on Instagram @elfcosmeticsau #elfcosmeticsau

      Festival Faves

      Festival Faves

      Festival Faves_Blog_January 2020

      Eyeshadow is best tool to elevate any flawless base. So, during festival season, it’s time to ditch your over worked neutrals and focus heavily on saturated pigments! For our festival line-up, we’re showcasing some killer 18-pan, 12-pan and 7-pan Eyeshadow Palettes, equipped with base, transition and highlight shades for each section of your eye.

      Featured Products

      In the front row, our star is the 18-Hit Wonders Palette who’s here to deliver matte, satin and shimmer shades designed to inspire the most swatch-worthy looks. The key to getting the best out of this Eyeshadow Palette is by utilising your matte shades inside of the socket with a Fluffy Eye Blending Brush, your satin shades pressed on top of your mobile lid with the Eyeshadow ‘C’ Brush and your shimmer shades added into the corners with your Essentials Concealer Brush.
      When planning a colour palette, this 18-pan Eyeshadow Palette is the right choice because you’ll have a rainbow of hues to cover any last minute outfit changes.

      Illuminating Mist & Set

      Second act is led by our Mad For Matte – Jewel Pop Eyeshadow Palette, best suited for those matte-lovers out there or anyone wanting to leave the sparkling to their outfit. When using this eyeshadow palette, think 80’s colour palette wonderland, ideal for shading and highlighting the eye. As seen in our campaign image using Pantone colour of the year Classic Blue, the 7th shade from your left is key to giving you major trend pay-off. Using this shade as the foreground and it’s complimentary warm-toned shades in the background, allows Classic Blue to take centre stage. We recommend mixing the 3rd and 6th colour to really amplify the contrast between both shades and give some healthy colour back into your skin.

      Stardust Glitter

      There’s no finishing off our festival set until you see our Chromatic Eyeshadow Palette in Birds of Paradise. These colour coordinated luxe-metal finished pigments are best for the girly-girl who wants to go glam, but be fun. To tailor this eyeshadow palette to a festival look, swipe the 7th bright pink shade into the above and into your socket as your highlight colour, before transitioning deep into the socket with the 6th shade. Use the 6th shade once again at the waterline, to keep cohesiveness. To add glam to this look, the 4th shade is the perfect shimmer to buff out into the mobile lid before highlighting your inner corner with a fun yellow in the 1st shade. Want to know the most exciting aspect of this look? You can use this whenever you want during the year and it comes with a brush, perfect for touching up between sets!

      Here we are festival babes, 3 key festival faves to suit all of your fashion-forward needs. P.S. don’t forget to tag us on Instagram at @elfcosmeticsau or #elfcosmeticsau , so we can all join in on the fun.


      Your New Summer Skin

      Your New Summer Skin

       Vitamin E

      Dancing with Vitamin E is a sure bet to win when it comes to hydration. As an anti-oxidant, Vitamin E is a fat-soluble, essential nutrient with an anti-inflammatory goal to treat skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and aging effects from the sun. What you’ll find below are our top-picks for your Eyes, Lips and Face that you will benefit from.

      At home base – starting with the Face, you can’t miss adding a lightweight Illuminating Primer Mist. With a water-based consistency, this primer is one spritz away from the ‘glass skin’ effect – and holds additional ingredients such as Cucumber, to keep you feeling refreshed for longer.
      Not into that dewy finish? The Oil Control Primer Mist bans shine by creating a protective barrier between your pores and make-up. Also infused with Vitamin E, you’ll still reap the benefits from sun induced anti-aging.


      Kiss your match hello this season with our Lip Exfoliator. A sugary scrub, with a sweet taste to wipe away any excess skin and leave you revitalized. Just like priming the skin before Foundation, removing any excess off of your Lips is key (like, literally #1) in allowing Lipstick to glide on with ease and retain it’s longevity. Especially if you’re into a Matte Lipstick – you’ll need this!



      Feeling puffy? Vitamin E’s anti-inflammatory effect plays a big part when using our Illuminating Eye Cream. With Eye creams being super concentrated, applying a pea sized amount to your finger should do the trick when swiping the cream from your inner corner to underneath the eye. The benefit? Our Illuminating Eye Cream’s Jojoba, Green Tea and Cucumber team up to sooth the skin and remove those unwanted dark circles, giving you a youthful glow!

      You’ve wrapped up your regime and are feeling like a winner! Show us by sharing a selfie with our Glow On The Glow Selfie Light! Don’t forget to upload and tag our Instagram Handle @elfcosmeticsau #elfcosmeticau

      You Glow Girl!

      Glistening Glosses

      Glistening Glosses


      Our holy grail Poreless Putty Primer $16 is your base’s BFF to create a luminous airbrushed effect, minimising pores and imperfections. Depending on your skin type, will depend on the amount of primer to use, as too much may make oily skin look a little too shiny. Should you have oily skin, use a small portion to cover your T-zone area, before continuing with our Moisture Lock Primer $24 in other areas to combat excess sheen. If your skin type needs a hydrating pick-me up, feel welcome to use our primer that broke the internet generously across your face. To get the best out of our Poreless Putty Primer - warm the product with your fingers, before applying it to your face with your hands, leaving the primer to set for 1-2 minutes. This method will allow the skin to work it’s magic and airbrush your flaws away!

      Depending on your shade, choose the contour on our Cream Contour Palette $16 that compliments your skin tone and place the cream contour on areas you are wanting to shade or slim down – these can be the side of your nose, hollows of your cheeks, jawline and forehead/temples. With a buffing or blending brush, buff the colour out, ensuring you are not buffing too far from the locations mentioned above.
      Once you have your desired blend, it’s time to get that satin-finish with our Flawless Finish Foundation $16. With a clean Buffing or Total Face Brush, ensure you create a light-medium coverage across the Face without forgetting just under the jaw and top of the neck.


      When you’re happy with your Foundation, get ready to slay with our Beautifully Bare Cheeky Glow Blush $12 in Always Rosy. This cream blush consists of Argon Oil and Vitamin E to help nourish your skin whilst displaying a beautiful pink pigment simultaneously. Simply pick the product up with your pointer and middle finger and dab the blush at the apples of your cheek and upwards in a tick motion just below your cheekbones.
      To finish off your Face, reuse a small portion of our Jelly Highlighter at the highpoints of your face, using your fingers to gently dab the product in – this will give you that extra glow power and highlight effect.


      We all know the saying – ‘You can’t say WOW without BROW’. The key to a super natural look is to ensure your brows are softly defined and brushed. With our Wow Brow Gel $8, it’s as simple as getting the spoolie and brushing your eyebrows upwards and across. The benefit of our Wow Brow is the gel component which adds colour and dimension to each individual strand as you apply the product.


      To add colour and depth to your eyes, with a Fluffy Eye Blending Brush, take a small amount of Cream Contour and buff it into the crease; the same way you would if you were to use an eyeshadow. Next, pat a small amount of the Beautifully Bare Cheeky Glow Blush in the same area, to add warmth. Finish off the Eyes with a light touch of 3-in-1 Mascara $9 to lengthen and deepen your lashes.


      All that’s left is to pout and plump those Lips up with our Lip Plumping Gloss $14 in Pink Cosmo, and you are ready to glow out!

      Butterfly Effect

      Butterfly Effect


      You’ve prepped your Face & Lips, with a subtle look and are ready for the most exciting step left – Eyes! Bringing in 8 of our hottest Eye Products with a total value of $92AUD,  it’s time to get this look off of the ground.

      Starting with our Crease Brush $9, pick up the shade ‘Velvet’ from the 18-Hit Wonders Eyeshadow Palette $24, ensuring you tap off any excess before using a windshield swiping motion from the inner to outer crease. Once you have the desired depth in shade, buff the colour out with a nude shade in our palette that suits your skin-tone, to perfect that blend and transition.

      Once you’re happy with your results, ensure that if you’ve used your Eyeshadow ‘C’ Brush it’s nice and clean ready for the shades ‘Danger’ and ‘Candy’ from the 18-Hit Wonders Eyeshadow Palette. Picking both of those shades, press the colours onto your mobile lid, stopping a little over half way towards the outer corner. To get the best effect, make sure the colour begins at the socket and finishes at lash line, with no trace of bareness.

      To finish the rest of the mobile lid, pick up the shade ‘Velvet’ before using s sweeping motion to finish off the outer corner with a wing; remembering that the perfect wing points in the direction where your eyebrow finishes. Once you are happy with the angle of your wing, take the Crease Brush and soften the edges of your shadow.

      Give your eyes balance by using the Small Angled Brush $9 and the shades ‘Electric’ and ‘Royal’, to line the bottom of your eye, below your waterline. Finish the lining at the wing, to give a lifting cat eye effect.

      Wanting something more sultry? Don’t forget the eyeliner! With our No Budge Retractable Liner $9, line the inside of your lid to give your lashes a longer, fuller look. Finish off the eyes with our 3-in-1 Mascara $9. Equipped with a precise silicone brush, you’ll be flaunting precise, thick and defined eyelashes without the use of falseys!

      You can’t say ‘Wow’ without ‘Brow’! Brush your lashes upwards and outwards to add colour and stay power to those eyebrows with our Wow Brow Gel $8. To finish, our Ultra Precise Brow Pencil $15 will give you the choice to create natural looking hair strokes to fill in those brows ultra precisely 😉

      And there we have it – major eye payoff for a get real price!

      Want some more guidance? The team here at e.l.f. is happy to help! All you’ll need to do is contact our Customer Service team through the Contact Us page, and we’ll share our No BS (beauty-secrets) ProTips  without hesitation.