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      Our setting sprays are a makeup must-have. They are designed to hold your face and eye makeup in place all day and to revitalize makeup color. For a classic, longwear setting spray, check out our Mist & Set, a fan favorite, great for all skin types. For oily skin, we created Matte Magic Mist & Set, with zinc and root extract to help control oils. For drier skin, there’s the $9 Illuminating Mist & Set, which gives a more radiant finish. Why do you need a setting spray: setting sprays can help set your makeup for longer wear, and a more natural finish. The fine mist helps makeup adhere to your skin, and removes any unnatural powdery finish. Beauty Tip: prior to application of products on your sponge or brush, spray your tool with the Makeup Mist & Set for extended product staying powder and more vibrant color.