Winter Beauty


Ride out the last month of winter in style. Defined eyes, dramatic lips and all things that sparkle will keep you feeling warm and fuzzy during the coldest days. Winter is all about countless layers of warm clothing – use your face to express yourself.

Don’t forget the importance of the using a good primer before you start your gorgeous winter looks! Preparation is always key to not only creating the most polished look – but in it lasting the whole day or night. Choose the right primer for the right job – eyelid primer for your eyes, face primer for all over and lip primer for lips

Try our primers below to maximise your makeup efforts:

Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer – available in Sheer, Champagne, Golden & Pearl

Mineral Face Primer – available in Sheer, Brightening Lavender, Radiant Glow & Tone Adjusting Green

Lip primer & Plumper


Lastly, this also goes for setting the look properly as well – use a setting powder or setting spray to maximise your handiwork and ensure that you can step from the office to dinner without needing to re-do all your make up

Try our setting products:

Translucent Mattifying Powder

Makeup Mist & Set



Your eyes are the window to the soul – let’s start with them.

Go dark, solid, lines and when you think you have enough, add some more. There is no limit, make them defined, blurry, soft and dark, take it to the max, tie it in with eyeshadow and complete the look with the best mascara. Take it to the max, pull it into your smoky eye or just be creative! Seasonal trends are also showing a tendency to go heavy in the water and lash lines, so your eye is totally surrounded by darkness and mystery.


Use a combination of liner and your blackest black eyeshadow to create this super dark, sultry look. Set the tone with a liquid liner to create the outline of the upper lash line and the wing, including the top inflection the using a very steady hand and your black eyeshadow carefully fill in the point to create this beautiful darkness. You could even go one step further and use black eyeliner smudged in towards the crease to achieve the effect – be sure to use a primer and liner sealer for this though, to avoid the liner creeping into your crease during the day


Using an intense ink liner to create dramatic lines that don’t follow the rules, and will make sure you stand out from the crowd! Combine your beautiful lining curves and graces with a palette of smooth nudes and neutral tones to complete the look

Tools of the trade:

Precision Liquid Liner

Brightening Eyeliner in Black

Brightening Eye Colour – in Drama

Smudge Eye Sponge




As long as you are on the right colour path – you can matte, gloss or shine your way to gorgeous lips this season.

Set the tone for deeply kissable lips with bright reds and berry hues this Winter, and see the trend continue through to early spring while it is still cool – as the weather starts to get warmer and the days lighter – lighten your eyes to balance carrying the deep red lip through into Spring. Starting with the basics and both caring for and preparing properly will make sure you have the prettiest lips on the block

To ensure your lips are perfect condition from the get-go, use a lip exfoliator to tackle the winter rough patches – using gentle circular motions across your lips, gently exfoliate away the tell-tale signs of winter – dry cracked lips! After you have washed away the exfoliating granules, apply a lip balm liberally – repeat this process on a regular basis to ensure your lips are always primed for the perfect kiss.

If you are looking for the ultimate colour experience, use a lip primer to help neutralise your personal skin tone, and create a base for all day colour wear. Apply a stain or liner in a complementary colour to your chosen lip stick and then apply away.



Lip Saviours

Lip Exfoliator

Lip Stain – available in Berry Blush, Nude Nector, Crimson Crush & Pink Petal  

Matte Lip Colour – available in Coral, Natural, Praline, Rich Red, Tea Rose & Wine




Shimmer and Glimmer

Guess what is trending right now - glitter and all things that sparkle and shimmer – for those that love a bit of shimmer! Head into spring with a very sparkly affair. Using shimmer palettes, glitter eyeshadow, highlighters and even glitter eyeliners you can take this look on your next adventure

The best part about this trend is you can go as subtle or as extravagant as you like using a baked highlighter will highlight your cheekbones and give you a subtle glow, without going overboard. Other way to subtly add some glimmer and shimmer to your day can include using a glitter eyeliner – with a well-planned whole face, these bad boys will give you a nice line, a little bit of sparkle, without going over the top.

For those who live for going over the top, use glitter eyeshadow, in conjunction with high shine lip gloss and some strategically placed highlighting to really make your face pop


Beautiful shimmery shades of eyeshadow – take on the trend without going full glitz.

Some well-placed highlighter will make your cheek bones pop.

Products to make you pop:

Baked Highligher - available in Moonlight Pearls and Pink Diamond

Shimmer Palette

Shimmer Eyeliner - try Teal or Plum for a spring colour boost 


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