Beacon Partnership


We have exciting news! 

We have recently partnered with the Beacon Foundation to provide our range of cosmetics to students around Australia as they take pat in Beacon’s unique work ready program, Polish.

Beacon has been working with schools for 23 years, focusing on helping young people prepare for life after school. This means being work ready, motivated inspired and knowledgeable about the opportunities and expectations of the world of work.

Though Polish, Beacon shows young men and women simple, but effective grooming and personal presentation skills, and elf, now provides the make-up palette used in all Polish personal grooming demonstrations with young female students. With 137 Beacon schools and 14,000 students, we’re excited to be able to be part of this great program and help prepare young people for life after school!

For more information on the great work Beacon does, visit their website or visit them on Facebook and Twitter.